Steve PP

I am an artist living in Woolacombe on the North Devon Coast, painting mostly outdoors on Woolacombe Beach and along the Devon and Cornwall coastline. Working outdoor sketches and studies using gouache paint into finished larger acrylic paintings on canvas in my Woolacombe studio gallery.

I love painting in a passionate impressionist/expressionist style. Colour and sunlight feature strongly in my paintings. We all feel that positive hit to our mood when we see that stretch of shoreline lit by the morning sun, or the warm glow of a late October afternoon’s light on the sand dunes after a fresh invigorating beach walk topped off with an incredible sunset filling the sky, colours intensifying as it sinks below the horizon behind Lundy.

Every time I paint my goal is to create art that’s full of light and passionate colour, uplifting and joyous that brings a smile or a fond memory every time that you gaze at it. A priceless quality that lasts over time. Painting the Outdoors With Passion!

Nothing nourishes me more than painting and sketching in warm sunshine. Filling my senses with strong light, shadow and vibrant colour. After a day’s painting I feel exhausted and at the same time hugely contented. I want nothing more than to share the joy and beauty of the coast with you in all of its uplifting colour.

My aim is to create paintings that revel in the beauty of nature, lit by strong or subtle sunlight. Which hopefully in turn connects my pleasure in being out on the coast to you whenever you gaze on one of my paintings.

Nothing brings me greater pleasure than creating paintings that make someone feel uplifted and happy.

StevePP golden moments The Pier Gallery Ilfracombe